Monday, October 16, 2006

John in Wonderland

I'm sorry, but if John Spencer thought the NRSC was going to pour money into the NY Senate race, he's delusional (via the Note):

"He said National Republican Senatorial Committee head Elizabeth Dole promised him millions last year. But the political weather has darkened for Republicans, now worried about saving endangered seats. When Spencer went to Washington last week for the money, Dole sent him home empty handed.

'I'm deeply disappointed in their lack of courage,' he said. 'To actually give me nothing is an outrage.'"
In case he hasn't noticed, the party actually has a couple of other races that it is keeping its eyes on, maybe ones a tad bit closer than Mr. Spencer's bid.

If you run for Senate, it is your responsibility to raise money for your campaign, not to claim "outrage" that the national party is choosing to devote resources to races where, you know, their candidate is maybe within 20 points.

The NY GOP disaster looks as likely as ever.

UPDATE: And Bruno positions to take as little heat as possible, although what he is saying is true.

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