Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Man, that Karl Rove is smart

"When are we going to hear that the Pope's comments were intended to help the GOP in the midterms? It just seems so obvious. White ethnic Catholics are reminded of the war on terror when they hear people calling for suicide attacks on the Vatican. That can only help the GOP. Where is Gore Vidal to fill in the details?"
I was in the process of writing a quick post - and laughing out loud - about this joking note by Jonah Goldberg, when I then saw he posted an update. Apparently, to some this is no joke - look here and here.

Come on folks, why stop there? What makes you think all those pictures of protesters are real? As 9/11 conspiracy theorist Morgan Reynolds says, in discussing the fact that he doesn't think any planes hit the World Trade Center:
"But what about all those New Yorkers who saw airplanes hitting the twin towers? A chuckle rumbles down the phone line. 'I don't believe anyone in Lower Manhattan,' [Reynolds] says. 'You hire three dozen Actors' Equity dudes and they'll say anything.'"

So maybe a lot of previously unemployed actors have recently been sent on a road gig?

Doesn't it just amaze you how nuts some people are?

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