Monday, September 18, 2006

I told my parents it wasn't important

I'm not sure I agree with this (actually, I'm pretty sure that I don't), and I haven't looked at any of the source material cited to form my own conclusions. That being said . . .

Homework is counterproductive and bad. I claim victory for all my procrastination at last. From third grade when I remember sheepishly mentioning to my mother a dinosaur report I needed to do for school (and her recoiling when I then let it slip that the multi-week assignment was due in about 12 hours), to the all-nighter I pulled to finish my last paper in grad school about managing technological change in the medical device industry. All those lost nights, grief, angst, stress, extensions, missed deadlines, etc. - all were done in a feeble attempt to worship at the feet of a false god.

Alas, if only I believed that. Instead, I know that way too much of my education, regardless of how well I eventually did, was spent in a tragic dance with a lack of personal discipline.

Just for today, though, I'm claiming vindication.

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